The new Princes of Serendip album Seed-Maid: Sentimental Songs was released by Jaiya Records on Saturday, January 14th, 2017 with a concert at the Kleinert-James Arts Center in Woodstock, NY. …  Listen/Buy

“The CD [Seed-Maid:Sentimental Songs] is a beguiling breath of fresh air with not one weak moment. Every song is to be savoured and enjoyed. Do yourself a favour; dim the lights, light the fire, pour yourself a hot chocolate or a goblet of mulled wine, put on the CD and enjoy the passion (and compassion) that the Princes of Serendip bring to their music.  You will thank yourself afterwards.” — John Sillberg, CKOL Radio, 93.7 FM, Campbellford, ON, Canada

Four Months in the Folk DJ Chart! —“In Her Dream”, Julie Parisi Kirby’s album … and check out Julie’s website.

The strangest Princes Of Serendip album!  — Listen/Buy —Serendip Orchestra
An Evening with the Serendip Orchestra features some of T. G. Vanini’s most exotic, eclectic and operatic songs, accompanied by a virtual orchestra of electronic and acoustic instruments, animals and birds.

Irv Yarg on the Serendip Orchestra : “I am the dream imagining myself in sound.”

Charles Lyonhart on the Serendip Orchstra: “Sgt. Pepper meets Incredible String Band!”

I’ve composed the music for the short documentary film “Plimpton 322: The Ancient Roots of Modern Mathematics”, written and narrated by my alter ego, Professor Laurence Kirby. Watch the movie, or just the trailer, at Laurence Kirby’s webpage.

Plimpton 322

The Princes of Serendip

I perform my songs and song-poetry with The Princes of Serendip

TG and Julie aboard the sloop Clearwater 
One Sky: Mighty and TG


Spatter the Mud

Spatter the Mud at New World Home Cooking, St. Patrick’s Day, 2012


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